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Are you interested in running a page on Actors List, news & events with of course updates of new projects.

You would have your own page on the website, which is a great way to put your idea across.

We also want people to to research and product placement. This will help raise money for new ongoing projects & short films.

We wait to hear from you. . .

Make is soon, keep an eye on the blogs and other info. We send out newsletters free of charge to all our members. Membership is free of charge. Make the most of it.

We have a new short film called FIRE. it's based on an old tramp, he is a total down & out drunk, he's a grass & soon finds out that his life is going to end in a fire. We have the location already & its more of a special effects / show reel performance.

Contact us for more information. . . .

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Welcome To Singers List.... thanks for using our website. If you are stuck with anything, please phone 07021 101 373 or email us.
Next Photo-Shoot.

Can you please make sure you email us or phone and get the booking time you have been allocated for your photographs to be taken.

Take a look at Leah's Profile Click Here

Send us your pictures to put on the site

we can put you on your own page and get even more visits to your page

You can upload pictures and info, let the world know you are here for business.

Also it’s important to bring a change of clothing, something casual and or something smart. This is for walk on sets. If you have asked for a particular scene or set please let us know your requirements.

We are able to shoot on Chroma key Green Screen Backdrop, which is perfect for Photography (film or digital), Digital Masking, Video/TV Production, Independent Film Makers, Churches, Schools or anyone else that wants to create their own special effects. If you have not used the Green Screen before, previous Blue Screens, but digital is better suited for green, then it’s worth looking at. If you would like this extended service please book with us previous to the day

You will get a full sitting, and the photographs will be sent to you via email, if you wish to have hard copies printed off on high quality full gloss paper then we will be very pleased to ensure you also have this service.

We are putting forward the members from this photo session to the various talent agencies we have aforementioned. If you are wishing to book we do need to have some information about you, such as are you looking to work in soaps, such as Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, we are also approaching the Bill, we would like to at this point make it very clear that we can only try our best for you the actors we make no guarantees as to you being accepted.

You will be presented with a professional profile and managed listing. You will also then be able to put in requests for being short-listed on the many short films being made.

We are please to also be able to offer you the chance to make a show reel with the other actors on if you would like more information on this please contact us.

We have limited placements on this next photo-shoot; make sure you book early as to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to hearing you soon.

" Jamie Langlands has been acting for over 3 years in
numerous productions with various theatre groups. He
has a diploma in performing arts and trained at the
academy of creative training' in Brighton".
In the Spotlight is a new feature, if you would like to be "In The Spotlight" then send us your info & pictures.

If you would like your own Video / Dvd Shot then phone us on 07021 101 373.

If you have made a short film then send it over to us and we will add it to our short film list.

Get your picture on our website and you could even have your own Actors List Email address, you can contact other casting agents direct from your own Actors List email to give just that little more.

If you would like your own Actors List Email address contact us on 07021 101 373 or message us via the website.

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Put your picture in the spot light join today on Actors List the place Actors Act.....


We have just expanded our range of sites and we are busy working away to get to the same high standard as the rest of our sites.


On going projects Short films Looking for new faces with a fresh approach to acting. We have many walk on parts and lead roles. We contact other film makers who put projects to us.

We are casting for our brand new short film, we will keep you updated with this event as we progress.

We also welcome a new camera man to our website, more information coming soon.

The Film is to be shot on location in Sussex and London.

W e have some exciting news for you coming soon. A new short film. We will update the website so watch this space!

Basic scripts are ready now for you to view, just create your actors account today and phone us on

07021 101 373 ____________________________

We have various openings for actors and models. We supply to companies who make adverts for TV and radio and Itv local.


If you have never worked in the film industry before we suggest you join up today and phone us on 07021 101 373 and speak to one of the casting directors


Once you have joined you will be given links to watch some of our current films.

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We can shoot you on Video or Dvd if you would like this service phone

07021 101 373

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Models listed on Actors List, we want to make it the #1 actors website. We offer you free listing and a place to upload your pictures. is all about giving the new actor a fresh start to acting and enhancing the careers of the more experienced actors.

We also require models for photo shoots and still camera work for our existing clients. We have a large selection of people calling us everyday for all sorts of services and requirements.

You can list your CV, Pictures and video clips on our website.


"Jamie Lanlands"

"Brian Buck"

Click here for more info on Brian

If you need a photo shoot or video made phone us on 07021 101 373



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